1. cheryl

    A shellfish diet might be even better than going vegan

    A shellfish diet might be even better than going vegan - Salon A new study takes a rare look at the carbon emissions that come with your choice of seafood Not all fish are created equal when it comes to their impact on the climate. In the prophetic words of Dr. Seuss: “Some are glad. And some...
  2. cheryl

    Jack Daniels

    Tony and I have gone to a lot of Anaheim Ducks hockey games lately. We've also eaten a lot of these Ahi nachos at Jack Daniels Club in the Honda Center. They're delicious!
  3. Ahi Nachos

    Ahi Nachos

    Ahi Nachos at Jack Daniels restaurant in Honda Center, Anaheim, CA.
  4. cheryl

    Baby Clam Tomato Sauce Pasta

    Baby clam tomato sauce with edamame spaghetti (or your favorite pasta) is an easy, and delicious meal. This baby clam tomato sauce takes less than 30 minutes to prepare. It has the full flavor and presence of a major time commitment and labor of love. While the labor of love is still there the...
  5. Sushi cupcakes

    Sushi cupcakes

    Sushi cupcakes from Jaburrito in Las Vegas
  6. Oysters


    Oysters at the Oyster Bar in the Anaheim, Ca. train station.
  7. Coppino


    We made bouillabaisse for dinner tonight.
  8. Tony

    Making smoked Salmon

    First, after purchasing your salmon you are going to brine it. The brining solution will consist of kosher salt, garlic and thyme. You can go with just salt if you want, but the garlic and thyme add flavor. You should use 2 ounces of salt for every quart of water. I usually use 4 ounces in 2...
  9. Salmon filet

    Salmon filet