Why There Is No “Best” Diet



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Why There Is No “Best” Diet - Cathe

For decades, professionals in health care and non-professionals have argued about which diet is best for health and weight control – and the argument gets heated as the low carbers duke it out with the low-fat proponents and those who advocate a mostly plant-based diet. And the battle rages on.

Is a plant-based diet the ultimate eating plan for health and fitness or should you restrict carbs if you’re trying to get to a healthy body weight? Are calories in and calories expended what’s most important or is it the quality of what you eat that matters most?

In reality, all of these opinions may be right AND wrong. Ultimately, the best diet for weight loss and health comes down to the individual. What works for one person may be unsustainable or even harmful for another. Just as we each have varying food preferences, the best foods for health and wellness may differ from individual to individual.