What It's Like to Travel Across the Country by Amtrak Right Now



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What It's Like to Travel Across the Country by Amtrak Right Now - Newsweek

There are certainly advantages to flying over choosing another form of transportation especially when traveling a long distance, one of the main ones being speed. Though, as the U.S. continues to fight the coronavirus pandemic, Americans looking for ways to travel safely might be less concerned with speed than safety. A recent survey showed that 67 percent of Americans are uncomfortable with flying at the moment, leaving space for other modes of transportation to become attractive to travelers.

RVs are having a moment, and RV rental companies are seeing significant increase in interest for their vehicles as a self-contained way to hit the road this summer. Another option is to travel by train, as Amtrak offers cross-country routes that go from New York City to Napa Valley and everywhere in between.

Yes, trains are still public modes of transportation, which means, as on an airplane, you will still be in relatively close quarters with other travelers. Though unlike most domestic air travel options, Amtrak does offer more private seating that could keep you a comfortable distance from other passengers for the duration of your journey, even one that could last well over a day.