What Does a Travel Advisor Do?



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So you have some time off, a little money saved, and Covid-19 restrictions are finally loosening up. It’s time to plan a vacation! But while vacation planning can be fun (who doesn’t love dreaming about mai-tais on the beach?!) it can also take up a lot of your precious time and energy.

Just like it’s not always worth it to DIY a home improvement project, it’s not always worthwhile to plan a vacation on your own. Sure, you may end up saving a few dollars, but you’ll get there by dealing with a ton of hassle and stress. And truthfully, the end result might not be that great. Have you ever spent hours researching hotels on Expedia only to find that the property you booked looked a heck of a lot nicer in the photos? Exactly. DIY is not always the best method!

How Do Travel Advisors Help?

A travel advisor’s job is to do the heavy lifting of vacation planning for you. The only thing you have to do is decide on the location and budget. Travel advisors simplify the travel planning process by offering expert consulting to their clients.