Virtually Travel to Space With This Free NASA App



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Virtually Travel to Space With This Free NASA App - House Beautiful

As you wait to see April's Super Pink Moon in the night sky, you can find celestial beauty online by live streaming the northern lights. If you're looking for a more interactive galactic experience, though, you can virtually travel to space thanks to this free NASA app.

The NASA's Eyes app lets you journey the galaxy through different experiences. The Eyes on the Solar System experience takes you to asteroids, comets, planets and their moons and the spacecrafts exploring them. You can head to Pluto on the New Horizons spacecraft and orbit Mars with the MAVEN spacecraft. If you want a quick journey through our solar system, you can launch the "simple" mode to explore destinations, missions, and the people behind them.

Using immersive, real-time visualization, the Eyes on the Exoplanet lets you travel to celestial bodies beyond our solar system. In this 3D universe that's scientifically accurate, you can take a closer look at more than 1,000 planets that orbit distant stars. You can also learn more about each planetary system like how long it would take to travel to each using different modes of transportation and which planets might support life. The program is updated daily with recent information from NASA's Kelper mission and observations from the ground.