Unpacking AI’s Growing Role in Travel



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Unpacking AI’s Growing Role in Travel - Hospitality Net

Planning the perfect vacation isn't easy. From choosing a destination to weighing various resort benefits, the process becomes so overwhelming that even simple factors can sway potential visitors. Hotels and travel-related businesses know this - and they're turning to artificial intelligence (AI) to tip the scale in their favor.

For travel companies searching for a leg up in the competitive hospitality industry, AI presents a data-driven solution that doubles as a form of relief for busy marketing departments. Though these initiatives are in their early stages, AI stands out as a powerful tool for personalizing experiences that could dramatically alter the way your business interacts with consumers online.

AI-Curated Online Experiences

Selling travel is all about visuals. Photos of sweeping views, rolling tides and bustling cities plant vacation ideas in travelers' minds, guiding them toward one destination over others. Now, AI technology is able to help marketers analyze which images have the biggest payoff for individual visitors to their site - turning photo-induced trip aspirations into higher sales.