Unleashing the potential of the mind



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Unleashing the potential of the mind - MIT News

Dexter Ang ’05, AF ’16 had been working as a high-frequency trader before he learned his mother had ALS. Over the next year, he watched her slowly lose the ability to walk, feed herself, and even click a mouse to read an e-book, one of her favorite activities.

The progression was painful to watch, but what Ang couldn’t accept was that his mother’s physical condition could so negatively affect her interactions with the digital world.

“I didn’t think there needed to be that connection between physical capability and digital capability,” Ang recalls.

The idea set Ang on a mission that would change his life. Ten years after graduating from MIT with a mechanical engineering degree, he returned to the Institute to immerse himself in its work around wearable technology, securing a co-founder and a business strategy along the way. Today Ang is the CEO of Pison Technology, a startup that uses neuromuscular sensors to help people interact with digital interfaces.