To get better at life, try this modern mantra



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To get better at life, try this modern mantra - Quartz

Life is trying. Every time you have something figured out, some other thing seems to fall apart. Even the best days are threatened with countless frustrations and irritations, while on bad ones we’re faced with disasters. And troubles have a clever way of coming in an array of new sizes and shapes, which means we can’t ever really master existence.

The best you can ever do is deal. And that is not always easy. Personally, I’d like to throw my hands up in despair and scream when things don’t go as hoped. But that’s not an effective response—I’m old enough to know now that my refusal to manage can only do more damage.

Instead, I have to trick myself into gaining perspective: A quick way to do this is by choosing a soothing mantra. Basically, I repeat a phrase until my feelings are less overwhelming and I can think straight without experiencing too much frustration.