The Unsavory Truth: How food companies skew the science of what we eat



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The Unsavory Truth: How food companies skew the science of what we eat - eturbonews

Unpopular but True

There are so many reasons to read Marion Nestle’s book, the Unsavory Truth, that it difficult to know where to begin. First of all, the author has the credentials that encourage readers to believe that what she is revealing is not fake news or propaganda. Nestle is the Paulette Goddard Professor of nutrition, food studies, and public health, emerita, at New York University, and Visiting Professor of nutritional sciences at Cornell University. She holds a PhD in molecular biology and an MPH in public health nutrition from UC Berkeley.

Nestle vividly shares her discovery of the “truth.” She found that many food companies want us to believe their products are healthy (even nutritious). To reach this objective, they hire food experts (including academics and researchers), food writers/reporters, and others willing to shill their credentials for free travel, conference fees and/or dinner. What the food companies get in return is not science but opportunities to market their products based on biased (faulty?) research. The “experts” skew the research to present information as expected by the food company that has hired them. Frequently the information reported is not only biased (in favor of the food company), but might actually be harmful as the stories tell us why bad food is actually good and recommended for breakfast, lunch and dinner.