Six tricks to eating around the world



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Six tricks to eating around the world - G Adventures

If at first you don't like it, order it again

Tasting local cuisine is one of the best ways to get to know a new place. But how to best go about it? Here, six tips that are sure to set you on the path to some enlightening gustatory experiences:

Eat what you don’t know

This is the one rule to rule them all. And “Let’s see what Quarter Pounders taste like in Sweden” doesn’t count.

Travel is about experience. It’s also about learning, and putting home into perspective. But maybe most of all, it’s about stories. And food stories are some of the best. You can try to describe the feel of the souk in Marrakech, how you can get lost for an hour because you were certain that coffee-pot vendor was the one you walked by when you entered. Pictures can help. But food is more visceral. Tell someone about the souk, and they’ll be entertained. Tell someone about ordering the b’stilla after you’d given up ever finding your way out, and they’ll be transfixed. “You ate pigeon!” they’ll say. “What was that like?”