Nutritionist says you should eat after exercising



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Nutritionist says you should eat after exercising - Jakarta Post

Some people may choose not to eat after exercising, especially after a workout session held at night. One of the common reasons is because they don't want to exercise in vain, thinking eating would only put back the calories burned just earlier. When in fact, a nutritionist has debunked this assumption.

"Most people's way of thinking is: I exercise to burn calories, etc. Even though you may detect weight loss after exercising, it's actually not because fat is reduced, rather, it's because we are dehydrated," sports nutritionist Emilia Elfiranti Achmadi said during an interview in Jakarta recently, as quoted by

Emilia said there was no relationship between weight loss and eating or not eating after exercising. Factors that contribute to weight loss are when someone exercises consistently and at the same time maintains a balanced intake of food.