Magnesium and potassium in food: a visual table



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Magnesium and potassium in food: a visual table - Healthy Living Yoga

To date, mortality rates from various diseases of the cardiovascular system or erectyle problems are incredibly high in many countries of the world. Potassium and magnesium in foods can prevent the development of a large number of ailments, overcome the increased nervousness, apathy, chronic stress, and also improve tone, restore vitality and improve the structure of the walls of blood vessels at the cellular level.

Effect of potassium and magnesium on the body

The interrelation of potassium and magnesium is very strong, since these elements can not actually be absorbed separately from each other. They are responsible for the state of the stomach, intestines, thyroid gland, as well as cardiovascular and nervous systems. Foods rich in both potassium and magnesium are needed to strengthen muscles (connor murphy style) and bone tissue, they help the body fight chronic stress and increase natural defenses.

Serious disruptions in the performance of individual systems and internal organs, digestive tract diseases, metabolic disruptions, cardiac and other pathologies can develop in the case of a deficiency of these trace elements. Potassium and magnesium take an active part in the acceleration of metabolic processes and can prevent various disorders in the functioning of the central nervous system.