Jason Bateman Deserves to Be Taken Seriously



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Jason Bateman Deserves to Be Taken Seriously - The Ringer

The longtime straight man in comedies has recently turned his attention to acting in, and directing, crime dramas. He’s not the first actor to make the tonal shift, but he’s managed to navigate it seamlessly.

Jason Bateman has a very punchable face, and I mean this in the best possible way. He doesn’t have what some people describe as resting bitch face; it’s more like a resting smug face. (Or, as my colleague Shea Serrano aptly called it in 2018, the Jason Bateman Face.) Bateman has used his signature facial expression to great effect in his decades-long career as an actor—you can count on that look popping up onscreen as much as you can Daniel Day-Lewis going full Method en route to an Oscar nomination. But the expression can also manifest in some unexpected places.

At the 2019 Emmy Awards, the prevailing sentiment was that Game of Thrones would sweep a lot of the dramatic categories, despite the final season’s dip in quality and general lack of coherence. In the Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series category alone, Thrones represented three of the seven nominees. Suffice to say, the audience was shocked when Bateman’s name was called for his directing in Ozark, leading to instant meme material.