How to Travel the World After You Retire



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How to Travel the World After You Retire - Real Simple

You’ve put in the work—now’s your chance to take all the vacations you couldn’t during your working days.

Those Golden Years do, in fact, seem rose-colored. With visions of laid-back afternoons, free time to explore long-forgotten hobbies, and the ability to pick up and travel, retirement is a long-term goal for many people. Finishing our careers and sending our children off to college means we have the opportunity to dust off our passports again, a dream for many, particularly if traveling has been more dream than reality for the last few years (or decades).

Though senior citizen travel is indeed common, with at least 25 percent of those 65 and older leaving the country annually, sometimes, finances do play a factor. That's why it's smart to not only start thinking about where you'll go when you can travel in retirement, but also how you'll pay for it. And, of course, how to save on costs. We spoke with money and travel experts to map out your retirement world tour, geographically and financially.