How to Tell If You’re Oversharing (and How to Stop It)



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How to Tell If You’re Oversharing (and How to Stop It) - Lifehacker

The line between private and public information has never been more blurred, whether you blame reality TV, social media, or perhaps a global pandemic steadily chipping away at all of our emotional states. Chances are good that at one point or another, you’ve been guilty of oversharing, which the New York Times describes as “exclusively talking about personal matters and neglecting to volley the conversation back and forth.”

So: Do you use Facebook like a personal diary? Do your coworkers know every intimate detail about your last relationship? Does every conversation somehow turn into a personal monologue? It’s great to be authentic and personable, but you might be going too far with how much information you unload on those around you.

What’s wrong with oversharing?

Too much oversharing can have serious consequences, as psychotherapist Amy Morin writes in Forbes:

You might put yourself in physical danger by revealing too much to the wrong person. You could alienate people who feel uncomfortable by the amount of personal information you share. And recounting your problems to people who don’t have your best interest in mind may lead them to take advantage of you.