How to eat: a fried egg sandwich



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How to eat: a fried egg sandwich - The Guardian

The thing that Gael Greene remembers most vividly about the night she had sex with Elvis Presley is the sandwich he asked her to order from room service afterwards. The fabled New York food writer does not remember some of the more salacious details of the evening, but Greene’s memoir, Insatiable, records with absolute clarity Presley’s demand for a post-coital fried egg sandwich.

How to Eat – this series exploring how best to enjoy Britain’s favourite foods – can only respect such prioritisation. For what is one night of passion with the most desirable man on earth compared with the knowledge of the timeless sensual pleasures of the fried egg sandwich? Beautiful people are often selfish, whereas our subject this month, the fried egg sandwich, will cater to your animal instincts in an entirely selfless, generous, non-judgmental way. No shame. No awkwardness. You don’t even have to put your best knickers on.

True, there are killjoys who would make you feel guilty about your fried egg sandwich habit. Google it and you will find: “People also ask – is a fried egg sandwich good for you?” This is less a question and more an ontological error message. Meanwhile, the NHS tries to warn (although HTE prefers to see it as a promise) that: “Frying eggs can increase their fat content by around 50%.” Sounds good, right? Life is short. Enjoy it.