Do This in the Afternoon for a Better Workday



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Do This in the Afternoon for a Better Workday - Greater Good

This small habit can help you feel like you're making progress at work.

Do you feel content with what you’ve accomplished at the end of your workday—or do you always focus on what there is yet to do?

What we focus on shapes our mental narrative, which affects how we feel about work. Ruminating on our lack of progress can keep us in a rut, feeling like we’re lagging behind. But according to research, we can shift this narrative by reflecting on what we have accomplished each day—and feel good about these small “wins.”

In one study, researchers Teresa Amabile and Steven Kramer asked 238 employees from different types of companies—management, inventing, technology, and more—to write daily journal entries about their workday and answer questions about their mood and motivation. Over the course of about four months, the researchers collected almost 12,000 entries.