5 ways genetics impact the way we eat



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5 ways genetics impact the way we eat - The Seattle Times

We’ve all got that friend who’s had amazing results with a low-carb diet. And then we have another who cut out fatty foods. Then there’s that plant-based person, the vegetarians who eat fish, the vegans, the bacon lovers, the lactose intolerant, and, of course, the gluten free.

The world is full of different diet plans, and one thing we can learn from all this: no two people are the same. However, we are living in an age where we can easily obtain DNA testing results that provide a peek into how our bodies work.

“For example, a person’s genetics can help us understand their individual predisposition for increased appetite or cravings,” Erika DeRooy, the dietitian services manager at PRO Medical says. “Genetics can help us identify cravings for sweets, or strong food reward or pleasure responses. Sometimes people don’t have the gene to feel full after eating, and that can be closely linked to weight gain. With this information, we can help people better control their appetites, and ultimately their overall weight and health.”