1. The Boatyard

    The Boatyard

    The Boatyard on Bay Street, Bridgetown, Barbados. A major traffic artery into the city is Bay Street and leads toward the South Coast of Barbados and the Parish of Christ Church.The Bridgetown Port is the major port of entry for cruise and cargo ships docking in Barbados.
  2. Chichi doll

    Chichi doll

    On Curaçao, the older sister of the family used to be called ‘Chichi’. The Curaçao Chichi doll represents that older sister who is a strong, proud, voluptuous Caribbean woman.
  3. Mahogany Bay, Roatán

    Mahogany Bay, Roatán

    Located near the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, the largest barrier reef in the Caribbean Sea (second largest worldwide after Australia's Great Barrier Reef), Roatán has become an important cruise ship, scuba diving and eco-tourism destination in Honduras. Tourism is its most important economic sector.
  4. Barbados


    Barbados experiences two seasons, one of which includes noticeably higher rainfall. Known as the "wet season", this period runs from June to December. By contrast, the "dry season" runs from December to May.
  5. Aruba


    Aruba is an island and a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the southern Caribbean Sea. Unlike much of the Caribbean region, Aruba has a dry climate and an arid, cactus-strewn landscape. This climate has helped tourism as visitors to the island can reliably expect warm weather.
  6. cheryl

    Food, Feed and Fuel: Cassava Is The Caribbean's "Diamond In The Rough"

    Food, Feed and Fuel: Cassava Is The Caribbean's "Diamond In The Rough" - Forbes With regional production of 487,117 metric tons per year on a harvested area of 171,593 hectares, cassava— the fifth most important crop in the world— has a production base in every Caribbean country; yet growing...
  7. Colón Panama

    Colón Panama

    Colón is a city and seaport in Panama, beside the Caribbean Sea, lying near the Atlantic entrance to the Panama Canal. It is the capital of Panama's Colón Province. The city was founded by the United States in 1850, as the Atlantic terminal of the Panama Railroad.
  8. Caribbean beach

    Caribbean beach

    The climate of the Caribbean is tropical, varying from tropical rainforest in some areas to tropical monsoon and tropical savanna in others. There are also some locations that are arid climates with considerable drought in some years, and the peaks of mountains tend to have cooler temperate climates
  9. Curaçao


    Curaçao is a Lesser Antilles island in the southern Caribbean Sea and the Dutch Caribbean region, about 65 km (40 mi) north of the Venezuelan coast. It is a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
  10. Falmouth Jamaica

    Falmouth Jamaica

    The Glistening Waters is located in Falmouth's Luminous Lagoon, where the Martha Brae River & the waters of the Caribbean Sea meet. The mixture of these two bodies of water create bioluminescence micro-organisms that when disturbed at night glow brightly. It is only one of four such locations.
  11. St. Lucia sulphur springs

    St. Lucia sulphur springs

    The Sulfur Springs are a popular tourist destination in St Lucia due to their ability for tourists to literally drive up to the edge of the springs. Up until the mid-1990s, tourists were able to walk right up to the end of the tar-colored pits.
  12. Snorkeling at Klein Bonaire

    Snorkeling at Klein Bonaire

    Klein Bonaire is famous for its corals. Montastraea annularis was the most common coral seen during a 2011 survey.
  13. Pufferfish in Klein, Bonaire

    Pufferfish in Klein, Bonaire

    The majority of pufferfish species are toxic & some are among the most poisonous vertebrates in the world. Nevertheless, the meat of some species is considered a delicacy in Japan (as 河豚, pronounced fugu), Korea (as 복 bok or 복어 bogeo), & China (as 河豚 hétún) when prepared by specially trained chefs.
  14. Lobster we saw while snorkeling in Klein Bonaire

    Lobster we saw while snorkeling in Klein Bonaire

    Lobsters live up to an estimated 45 to 50 years in the wild, although determining age is difficult. Lobster longevity is limited by their size. Moulting requires metabolic energy and the larger the lobster, the more energy is needed; 10 to 15% of lobsters die of exhaustion during moulting.
  15. Fish we saw while snorkeling in Klein Bonaire

    Fish we saw while snorkeling in Klein Bonaire

    Klein Bonaire Island and underwater Park. A small uninhabited coral island supporting a sparse cover of shrubs and cacti. Brackish lagoons and fringing coral reefs support a rich marine fauna. The reefs experience heavy diving pressure.
  16. Balcony view

    Balcony view

    View of the Caribbean coastline from the balcony of our cabin on Celebrity Reflection.
  17. Fortress Cannon Hilton Curaçao

    Fortress Cannon Hilton Curaçao

    Inside the fortress walls at the Hilton Resort in Curaçao.
  18. Oranjestad Aruba

    Oranjestad Aruba

    Oranjestad (Dutch pronunciation: [oːˈrɑɲəstɑt]; literally "Orange Town") is the capital and largest city of Aruba. Oranjestad is located on the southern coast near the western end of the island country. In the local language, Papiamento, Oranjestad is often referred to simply as "Playa".
  19. Fortress Hilton Curaçao

    Fortress Hilton Curaçao

    Where the fortress walls meet the sea at Hilton Curaçao.
  20. Kralendijk, Caribbean Netherlands

    Kralendijk, Caribbean Netherlands

    The view of Kralendijk, Caribbean Netherlands from our balcony on Celebrity Reflection.