What You Should Know About Cholesterol and Beef



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What You Should Know About Cholesterol and Beef - Cleveland Clinic

It's all about moderation

For some, there’s nothing better than a big, juicy beef burger hot off the grill. Throw some cheese and maybe some ketchup on there and you’ve got yourself one heck of a great meal going.

But beef isn’t without its health risks. Like a lot of animal products, it can be high in salt, fat and cholesterol. And while it may be a staple of summer cookouts, it’s one that’s probably best experienced in moderation.

To get a better idea of beef intake and health, we talked to cardiologist Dennis Bruemmer, MD, PhD, all about beef and the aim for a healthy balance.

“Beef has been linked to many different health issues,” Dr. Bruemmer says. “Not just cardiovascular disease but even cancer and diabetes. And consuming red meat on a regular basis is associated with increased death risk.”