How to Make a Thanksgiving Salad That Everyone Will Actually Eat



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How to Make a Thanksgiving Salad That Everyone Will Actually Eat - Bon Appetite

What if we told you that this year, the salad’s going to be the talk of the Thanksgiving table? That guests are going to ask you what’s in that dressing rather than what’s in the dry rub? That your relatives will strategically position themselves for proximity to the salad bowl rather than the carving board?

It’s a hard sell, salad on Thanksgiving. What, with mashed potatoes and roasted potatoes and sweet potatoes (and then there’s turkey and, hopefully, a spread of desserts), it can be hard to justify making room for raw fiber. And the very sensible arguments that might convince you to eat salad on any other day—it balances your plate; it slows down your eating (lots of crunching and munching) so that you can pace yourself; it’s a good source of vitamins and minerals, yadda yadda—don’t hold much weight on the Year’s Biggest Eating Holiday. You can eat salad tomorrow!

But before you write salad off for yet another starchy side, ask yourself: Wouldn’t you welcome a break from the monotony of rich, creamy, meaty food if it came in the form of delicious salad that felt just as festive, special, and—hate to use this word but...—indulgent as the rest of the menu? (And, don’t you think there’s some truth to the notion that eating salad now actually opens up more room for sweets later?)