A Solo Traveler’s Guide To Kauai: Where To Eat, Stay, And Play



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A Solo Traveler’s Guide To Kauai: Where To Eat, Stay, And Play - Uproxx

In 2021, I spent more time on the road than I did at home. As a passionate adventurer, one of my greatest lessons over the past year has been a new appreciation for solo travel. Group trips, couples getaways, and family vacations are great, but there’s something empowering about taking your travels into your own hands. Especially as a woman. Exploring unknown places alone leaves the door wide open for you to create your own itinerary with the freedom to be spontaneous along the way. You learn to have fun by yourself, connect more intentionally to the world around you, and experience people and places in new ways.

Or at least, that’s what I’ve gained from it. And I’m absolutely hooked.

My most recent solo adventure was to Kauai, Hawaii’s wettest, greenest, and fourth-largest island. With 97 percent of the island covered by forests or mountain ranges, it’s a haven for nature lovers and outdoor adventurers. The endless stretches of beach surrounding the dense greenery make it a vision of tropical paradise — and a natural stand-in for Jurassic worlds, distant jungles, and far-off planets.